The Importance of Customer Journey Mapping

The Importance of Customer Journey Mapping

Failing to understand and map out how a new solution will fit into an existing customer journey risks making the experience worse, rather than better. After implementing new technology, there is an increased risk of a low adoption rate from customers. More often than not, this lack of adoption stems from the fact that the overall customer journey played a minimal role in implementation, which ultimately creates friction as opposed to solving existing challenges.

If the process is too clunky or long, you could lose new customers before they even book an appointment with your organization. Additionally, current customers could get annoyed with a poorly implemented tool which could negatively impact retention.

Back-end processes could get even more confusing for employees and it could lead to inefficiencies, if not properly integrated into the existing systems and processes that power the customer journey. Different organizations have different use cases and just because the technology was successfully implemented a certain way in one organization, does not mean it will work for you and your customers. Mapping out the customer journey prior to rolling out your new solution allows you to ensure it is functioning in the most beneficial way for your organization’s unique use case.

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The Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping

As an appointment-driven business, you want to ensure the appointment scheduling process is seamless for your customers. If you have chosen to implement an enterprise appointment scheduling solution, it is in your best interests to practice customer journey mapping before offering the tool to your customers.

1. Ensure the solution addresses the identified problem

By mapping out the customer journey of your new implementation, you will ensure the tool addresses the problem you identified in your operational processes that prompted you to initiate the implementation of this new solution.

For example, with enterprise appointment scheduling, if your customers are demanding 24-hour access to your organization, you want to ensure you are not only implementing the scheduling solution to speed up appointment scheduling processes in your contact center, but you are also providing an online channel customers can use to schedule appointments with your organization whenever and wherever works for them.

2. Ensure the solution provides a seamless customer-journey

When implementing a customer-facing solution, you want to ensure it provides a seamless experience for your customers. For example, enterprise appointment scheduling is a customer-facing solution that helps drive revenue to your organization. It is in your best interest to map out the customer journey of your scheduling solution to ensure it meets the needs of your customers and provides a premium experience.

3. Improve the quality of your appointments

Ultimately, when implementing integrated appointment scheduling, you want to ensure the solution enables you to improve the appointment experience for your customers. By mapping out the journey of your new scheduling solution, you can ensure you are rolling it out in a way that gives your customer-facing advisors the information they need to provide the best appointment experience to your customers.

With enterprise appointment scheduling, you are able to capture additional information during the scheduling process so you can ensure your customers are getting the most out of their scheduled appointment. And your customers will get confirmation and reminder notifications so they’ll show up to the right location at the correct time, increasing your appointment completion rate while decreasing no-shows.

Coconut Software Helps Map Your Unique Customer Journey

At Coconut Software, our onboarding team is dedicated to providing our customers with a personalized implementation process to ensure you receive the most out of your scheduling solution.

During the implementation process, our onboarding staff will discuss current challenges and overall goals with the stakeholders involved in the roll-out of your new solution to understand and help create your unique workflow.

With the information about your unique use case and challenges you are hoping to address, we will help you map the customer journey for your new solution. And, moving forward, our customer success team is available to help you manage and alter your workflow once you go live.

By mapping out the customer journey of your new solution, you will give yourself peace of mind knowing you chose the best solution for your organization and that it is delivering business results against your KPIs.

What’s Next

Learn how an efficient, well-thought-out experience can be a great differentiator in a market flooded with options for consumers in Coconut Software’s Optimize the Customer Experience with Enterprise Appointment Scheduling white paper.

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