5 Things to Consider When Writing an RFP

5 Things to Consider When Writing an RFP

Let’s get straight to it, shall we? Its important to understand that when picking a solution for your digital initiatives and transformations, that all enterprise appointment scheduling softwares are not created equal. Let us explain: there are many solutions out there that “claim” to be enterprise appointment scheduling, but the truth is they most likely fall short in the following 5 areas when building an RFP.

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1. It’s about a Customer Experience, not a Transaction

The customer experience is critical to the success of rolling out world-wide appointment booking software. It’s important when hunting for the best solution that your team has the ability to brand and tailor fit the experience with your corporate vibe and tone. In the big leagues, it’s not a one size fits all. You spend millions on your brand and the appointment experience should reflect all that hard work when those potential customers book from your website or receive that perfect email reminder.

2. It’s about Multiple Everything

If you are an enterprise, you already know you are not dealing with a simple one-to-one relationship. You have to think about multiple services, multiple languages, multiple staff, multiple locations, multiple staff supporting multiple locations, multiple time zones, and you might want multiple integrations. That’s a lot on your plate!  In your RFP, it’s fair to ask potential suppliers to define what classifies their solution as Enterprise Grade. If it can’t manage multiple everything in a centralized global solution… then I suggest you move on.

3. On Demand Appointments and Pre-Booked Appointments

Being in this industry for over a decade, it’s fair to say that we have learned a thing or two about how customers want to connect. You might have a grandiose plan to place appointment scheduling on your website and think voila…you will have a booking frenzy. YAY! Well hold on, Tiger – your customers might be used to just walking into your store. So ask your solution provider if they manage On Demand and Pre-Booked appointments in one solution.

4. Design Thinking = Success

Appointment scheduling doesn’t just affect the customer, it affects the business… big time. A vendor must demonstrate strong leadership abilities and work with multiple business teams at once. They must be able to provide design thinking sessions around mapping the appointment journey and defining the business results. This ensures there are no surprises once the solution has been rolled out. All teams will be on the same page, any gaps will be exposed and dealt with, and executives will have confidence in HOW success will be achieved. Will your vendor take the time to lead your team to success?

5. Training Costs

Nothing is easy about enterprise appointment scheduling, so ask the scheduling software vendor what the budget for training should be. I can tell you we have launched our solution across thousands of stores for one entity, and they did not have to give us $1.00. Why? Because a great system is never complex to the user, its complexity is under the hood.

I wish you the best on this fabulous journey of finding that perfectly tailored scheduling solution. In the end, you will benefit from having an optimized workforce and a customer that feels valued throughout their personalized experience.

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